Your Child’s Most Important Teacher

“You will not be good teachers if you focus only
on what you do and not upon who you are.”

― Rudolf Steiner

As parents our role in our child’s lives is to provide a structure in which they can feel confident and secure about their place in the world. It is up to us to create an environment in which our children see us as a loving-authority. We have all become frustrated with our children from time to time, however when we are impatient or short tempered with our children we are failing to provide them with the security they need to develop fully. The path of parenting is one of growth.

Experience the transformative power of
staying calm, conscious and connected with your children,
guiding them to become more present, resourceful and heart-centered adults.

In my own parenting journey I have been asked to investigate my reactive emotions countless times. My path has called upon me to transform my preexisting parenting patterns and investigate my own inner life. When I looked deeper into these patterns I often saw they were not rooted in the present moment but rather a result of previous experiences not fully processed. I needed to examine my reactions with awareness and loving kindness for myself so that I could be calm and present for my children.

In short – I worked on myself.


Our children are born with a heart that instinctively knows what is right and that instinct requires us to meet them with our hearts if they are to recognize us as authorities, guides and pathfinders.  The more confident and centred you feel in your parenting abilities, the more you will enjoy your role and your time with your kids.

In strengthening my sacred connection to myself, my children naturally fell in line with where I was at emotionally.

We can only be this guide for our children when we have authority over ourselves and our own inner lives. It is through ongoing striving to improve our inner-authority that we as parents learn to set ourselves aside and be “present,” listening with our hearts to what our children are bringing and to what they need. When you develop your own strength of will and nurture a heart and spirit connection to your parenting life, you will discover you are more proactive and less reactive. From there our own reactions come from a place of calm clarity and we are able to give our children what they need most from us: a parent who reliably holds the role of a consistent, loving guide in their lives.