Teaching Children about Place

Over the years while teaching outdoors I’ve often wished I had a globe with me to help children visualize their place in this big world. Many children come to the program with muddled ideas of the world and know very little about their local environment. Vast concepts like the timeline of dinosaurs are very confusing … Read more

Nature Program Facilitators Wanted

We are looking for leaders who love being out in nature, playing games, singing songs and telling stories. If you need a part-time side gig and want a work environment that nourishes your heart and soul we have a place for you. We are looking for engaging, creative and dynamic individuals to facilitate our outdoor … Read more

Christmas Movies by Age

I know you are excited to share your favorite holiday movies with your children. I know you want to do it now. But I am telling you, as a parent who has screwed it up, wait. Think about what would be the absolute perfect age for your child to see it, when they would get … Read more

Shows and Cartoons for Early Childhood

My favorite media and movies for preschool and kindergarten age children ages 3-6 #1 Little Bear (1995) This is a little known book series illustrated by Maurice Sendak that was turned into a television series.We own all of them on VHS because I love them so very much. So wholesome and good. You can watch … Read more

Bucket List of Things to Do with Your Kids before They are Grown & Gone

I have three kids. Two are mostly grown and one is almost 10 as of this year. It’s slightly awkward redoing many of the bucket list things I did with my older children again with my younger one. A lot changes in the world in a decade. After reading many of these lists I decided … Read more

Oak and Acorn Facilitator

Seeking a caring and attentive leader who is comfortable working outdoors. You’re a singing pack mule, bringing new parents together in a beautiful nature park. We are seeking a passionate and enthusiastic Parent and Child Facilitator to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in outdoor education, child development, and experiential … Read more

Challenging Behavior

Many of the things children do are difficult for us to manage. There are some specific behaviors that I can help you address in a positive way to support building a relationship with the child and their peers. My motto is always: Connect before correct. This means we must make an effort to understand and … Read more

Being Mindful of Our Words

The words we use have power and effect on others often beyond what we realize. There are several common things adults do in their speech that have the opposite of our desired effect on children. It will transform your teaching if you can be mindful of these common language missteps and manage to change the … Read more