Bucket List of Things to Do with Your Kids before They are Grown & Gone

I have three kids. Two are mostly grown and one is almost 10 as of this year. It’s slightly awkward redoing many of the bucket list things I did with my older children again with my younger one. A lot changes in the world in a decade. After reading many of these lists I decided … Read more

Oak and Acorn Leader

Want to make some extra cash and get more families outdoors? Team up with us 🙂 We will help you deliver an Oak and Acorn session in your neighbourhood so you can build your community of like minded parents. You’re a singing pack mule, bringing new parents together in a beautiful nature park. You’re role … Read more

Challenging Behavior

Many of the things children do are difficult for us to manage. There are some specific behaviors that I can help you address in a positive way to support building a relationship with the child and their peers. My motto is always: Connect before correct. This means we must make an effort to understand and … Read more

Being Mindful of Our Words

The words we use have power and effect on others often beyond what we realize. There are several common things adults do in their speech that have the opposite of our desired effect on children. It will transform your teaching if you can be mindful of these common language missteps and manage to change the … Read more

Why we all should be doing an Ecological Impact Assessment

As I move towards a consultant space I engage in conversations with thoughtful educators who can be dismissive of the importance of the assessment tools that are (or should be) a part of outdoor education. While our relatively small groups of children using natural spaces as classrooms and playgrounds has much less impact than a … Read more

Language Prompts to Build Confidence

If you’ve spent any amount of time with children you may be familiar with what I call the ‘watch me’ phenomenon. This is when a confident child who has perhaps recently mastered a new skill requests that you observe them completing that skill over and over and over. This is fairly typical 4 year old … Read more

Teaching Children about Picking Flowers

I saw Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers in bloom on Friday during my afternoon hike. The appearance of this common wildflower is my cue to remind families to teach their children to not pick wildflowers. One of the hills where we play has a remarkable population of blue flax flowers. These flowers are extremely fragile and last … Read more

Spotting in Children’s Outdoor Play 

When supervising outdoor risky play we can allow children more freedom in their explorations and movements when we are in a position to effectively spot them.   Basic spotting is something many parents do instinctively with their babies and toddlers as their child begins to master their newfound mobility skills. Many of us will be familiar … Read more