Dressing for the Outdoors

While you definitely don’t need to go out and buy a whole bunch of gear to enjoy the outdoors there are a few things that will make your child’s experience remarkably better.

Fleece is the most affordable, simplest and easiest way to ensure your child is warm enough at Forest School.

Hand-me-down gear is fantastic we have a gear swap page and I strongly encourage you to head over to Facebook Marketplace.

We are starting a buy back program and would LOVE to buy the gear your child has outgrown to pass on to other Sprouting Knowledge families.

Of course the best gear is the item your child will wear 😉 comfort is key.

Non-negotiable rules for forest school gear are:

No shorts.

There is poison ivy everywhere.

No slip-on shoes.

Children who drop a shoe by mistake end up being a hazard to themselves and their peers.

No camouflage clothing.

Your child blending into their surroundings is a major hazard to their safety and well-being. Children need to be seen easily.
Neon is awesome 😉

Everything else is up to you.

Children who are warm and comfortable generally enjoy Forest School. Children who are cold do not.

Download our gear lists:

Local Kid Friendly Gear Stores to try:

  • Atmosphere or Sport Check – jackets & coats mostly limited preschool sizes but worth asking
  • Horse Barn – has boots
  • Modern Family Boutique – has mittens
  • Costco – very seasonal

Unfortunately that’s it.
If you find something somewhere locally please let me know.

Outdoor clothing for children online:

My Gear Guide

Gear for children has come a long way since my two youngest children were little (2008). I’ve seen A LOT of gear for children and have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Gear can make or break an experience.
It can mean the difference between staying out all day and going home 20 minutes later.

Being in the position I am in I have the opportunity to see a lot of different brands of children’s outdoor clothing. I get to see it passed on through multiple children and see how user friendly it is for the little ones who will be using it.

Below are my top 3 tips:

  1. My number one hands down greatest kid buy ever are Muck Brand Boots available locally at the Horse Barn.
  2. The warmest mittens on the market are Stonz. They are hard to play in but they are the warmest. Available locally at Modern Family Boutique downtown.
    Read more about mittens here >
  3. Wool socks and paired with regular running shoes will get you through countless adventures (you’re welcome).