Meet Our Team

While it may seem like we play all day, what we do is serious business that involves acquiring many life skills helpful to your child’s development. We are blessed to have a team of heartfelt people who care deeply about children, nature and their unique impact in the world on top of being highly capable humans. I personally cannot rave enough about the wonderful people I’ve had a chance to work with at Sprouting Knowledge. If you think you’ve got what it takes we would love for you to join us in our efforts to create more valuable outdoor programs for families in Kamloops.

What’s a Facilitator?

At Sprouting Knowledge we don’t see ourselves as instructors, leaders or teachers but rather facilitators of learning. We are here to support, guide, bridge gaps, scaffold higher learning and make connections. We provide the carefully crafted container and context in which children are masters of their own learning. Why? Because we believe all human beings are capable and competent learners.

Michelle Nagle

Facilitator | Certified BC Movement Education Teacher | NCCP Coach

“Connection, play, movement and being in nature are so important as the foundation for a healthy sense of self.  This is why I am so excited to be working in a place where these qualities are recognized and fostered.”

Michelle is a life-long educator and learner who has spent the last 10+ years facilitating parent and child programs, as a movement teacher and mentor in Waldorf schools, and as a Spacial Dynamics® practitioner.  Herbalism, outdoor education, meditation and parenting all inform her daily practice.  She sees the wonder and openness of young children and learns so much from them by being present and curious along the way.

Michelle is certified BC teacher in Movement Education with a current Emergency First Aid for Industry, which was re-certified in November 2019 and is a NCCP Community Sport Coach (#5800218).

Claudia Harding

Facilitator | CEA | BSc

Claudia has a lifelong passion for nature that has led her down a wide variety of paths working outdoors with children and adults to share her gifts. She enjoys spending time outside with her own two kids and gets out camping, hiking and paddling whenever she can. She wants to help children connect with nature so that we can leave this world in good and loving hands.

Claudia is an interpretive guide and Certified Education Assistant with her first aid as an Adventure Medic Level C completed June 2019

Krystal Jeffrey

Lead Facilitator | ECESN | Founder

“I genuinely love children. It is my role as a teacher to ensure I am lovingly meeting them exactly where they are at. Whether I am watching or listening to their play or helping them put back on that mitten that is just a little bit too tricky it is my job to be their guidepost toward a strong a capable sense of self.”

Krystal is an advocate for unsupervised freedom in play, we get there by supporting young children to engage in risky-play. She knows kids are capable and competent learners and values her role in supporting them in that place.
She loves sharing the little seeds of learning that happen in the moment. Rather than forcing a curriculum of set games and activities she prefers to keep a wheelhouse of ideas close at hand, ready to share when  the moment happens.

Passions: stewardship, systems, seeds and human development

Krystal is a Forest School Practitioner and ECE with her Special Needs Certificate and is an NCCP Community Sport Coach (#6147647) with a current First Aid Certificate of some sort. She is well-read and experienced in a massive variety of subjects. “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Fabulous facilitators gone but not forgotten …

Matthia Vailancourt

Outdoor Preschool Facilitator 2019-2020 | ECE | BA
Beautiful, loving, well rounded early childhood experiences (with family, friends, and in childcare) are the most important factor in raising children to become healthy, whole-hearted, successful adults.

Matthia is an Early Childhood Educator with a current Wilderness First Aid Certificate.

Anna Kirkpatrick

Forest Kindergarten Facilitator 2018/19
Anna is passionate about nature-based education. She is a BC certified teacher with many years of experience working in classrooms and community settings.

As a newcomer to this ecosystem she is keen to learn more about the plants and animals that call this place home. Long distance running, camping, cycle touring and gardening are some of her favourite ways of connecting with nature.

Ashley Eklund

Outdoor Preschool Facilitator 2018
Ashley is an enthusiastic outdoor educator with a strong passion for youth and social change. Ashley believes our shared future and wellness relies heavily on how we grow our youth.

We know that we’ll feel better leaving this world to an army of connected, passionate, budding naturalists who know and understand the natural world around them.

Michael Jeffery

Spring Break 2017 Camp Facilitator
Michael firmly believes humans thrive most when we are in nature. A hiking and kayak guide, Michael is pursuing a degree in wilderness therapy while living off the grid in his yurt.