Oaks & Acorns

A program for parents & their child ages 0-3

Build community and learn about yourself and your child in a peaceful nourishing environment.

Our Parent & Child program is an opportunity to share with you some of the ways we can foster a deep connection to the natural world for both you and your children. In this mentoring program we discuss how we are role models for the children in our lives and discover ways we can share our love for the natural world with our children. Together we will share celebrations of children’s growth and development and you’ll get to hear all about how excited we (as child education professionals) get about what kids learn about themselves from consistent long-term exposure to the outdoors.

We integrate parents and siblings into the experience,
with opening and closing circles, storytelling, crafts, observations and even celebrations! 

Together we will share:

  • Storytelling and songs
  • Nature Mentoring discussions
  • Ways to deepen your connection to nature everyday
  • Adventures, meanders and wanders of discovery and inquiry
  • Plant identification & observation (edible, medicinal, hazardous!)
  • Stewardship and learning to tread lightly
  • Nature crafts
  • Basic wilderness skills (as desired by the group – shelters, knots, clothing, whistles, orienteering etc.)
  • Much more!

Spring Oak & Acorn

Parents and their children are welcome to join us in Peterson Creek Park, Kamloops

Friday Mornings 9-11am
Cost: $99

Registration is below

We are looking for a teacher so we can offer more sessions of this wonderful program.

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