Oaks & Acorns

A program for parents & their child ages 0-3

Build community and learn about yourself and your child in a peaceful nourishing environment.

Oak & Acorn offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to deepen their bond with the natural world. This dynamic and interactive program is designed to strengthen the connection between participants and our local flora and fauna through playful activities, educational experiences, story and songs. This mentoring program focuses on the ways we can be role models for our children, sharing our love and appreciation for nature with them.

Together, we will nurture a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and embrace the joy of discovering the wonders of nature alongside your child.

Together we will…

Foster a Love for Nature:

   – Learn how to cultivate a deep connection to the natural world for both you and your child.

   – Discover the benefits of consistent, long-term exposure to the outdoors for children’s growth and development.

See our role as Mentors:

   – Discuss the importance of being a positive role model in your child’s life.

   – Explore strategies for sharing your passion for nature with your children in meaningful ways.

Celebrate Growth and Learning:

   – Share and celebrate your child’s milestones and developmental achievements.

   – Hear from child education professionals about the exciting ways children learn about themselves through outdoor experiences.

Spring Oak & Acorn

Parents and their children are welcome to join us in Peterson Creek Park, Kamloops

Friday Mornings 9-10:30am

Drop-in April-June and Sept-Nov weather permitting*
6 visit punch card: $99

*Completing the registration below is required to attend this drop-in program so you can be added to our communications.

We are looking for a teacher so we can offer more sessions of this wonderful program.

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