Teaching Children about Picking Flowers

I saw Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers in bloom on Friday during my afternoon hike. The appearance of this common wildflower is my cue to remind families to teach their children to not pick wildflowers. One of the hills where we play has a remarkable population of blue flax flowers. These flowers are extremely fragile and last … Read more

5 simple ways we can all practice stewardship

It is all of our responsibility to care for the land, air and water that provides for us. Over the years it seems we have become disconnected from nature and no longer have an awareness of our impact. Here are some helpful guidelines that I hope become part of the culture of being Canadian. If … Read more

Love for Cottonwood Forest

Hello Wonderful Sprouting Knowledge Families Thank you so much for being a part of our fall programs. It has been so special to have you and your little ones join us in the park these past few weeks. We are grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with you.  We have a favor to … Read more

Fall Halfway Point Update

Hello Lovely Forest Families The days are getting progressively colder as winter approaches and we are having so much fun noticing the many changes in the park. We can expect it to be 0-5 degrees C at drop-off and progressively colder. Children who are warm have fun. The ones who aren’t do not. It is … Read more

First Week

Hello lovely parents. You may have noticed your child brought home a tiny slip of paper with their Nature Name on it. At the beginning of each session every child get’s a nature name. Their nature name gives them the special powers of that plant or animal should they choose to learn about them. We … Read more


The purpose of orientation is for us to begin forming our relationship with one another. It gives your child an opportunity to meet their teachers and see the place where we will be sharing our time together. We have two orientation sessions the week before Forest School begins they are always at 10am. It runs … Read more

Tick Awareness & Safety

Do you know what to do with a tick? How to remove it and where to send it for testing? This blog post will share some basic tick safety tips to help you and your family stay safe this season. Prevention is the best way to protect you and your family from tick-borne diseases. Lint … Read more

Registration Starts this weekend

Heads up! Fall registration opens to current Sprouting Knowledge families on Saturday April 30th. As a current registered family, you get priority to continue your registration.  We have shifted things slightly. Here is what you need to know to be prepared:  You will receive an email on April 30th with a link to register for … Read more

Start Week Reminders

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful break. We sure are looking forward to seeing your child. Here are a few last minute reminders to ensure you have a successful first week back. Attendance If you are going to be away or late please text 250-828-0211. This is Krystal’s personal cell phone number.Any other inquiries … Read more