Tiny Matchbox Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt for your keen nature eyes.

How many different things can you fit in your matchbox? They have to all be different. 10 of all the same flower or stone doesn’t count. Take your time and see what you can find. I’d love if you brought it with you to show me.

You can take a magnifying glass on your scavenger hunt to help to investigate your discoveries. Can you see intricate patterns, subtle colour changes and interesting textures?

To the grown-ups:

I saw this idea from another Forest School program and thought it would be a fun one to try. I’ve wrapped your children’s matchboxes with plain paper so they can decorate or draw on them as they see fit.

This is an easily repeatable one and a way to keep that nature collection down to a dull roar.
When you go on a walk bring a matchbox along with you for your child to put their treasures in. If it doesn’t fit in the matchbox it can’t come home.