Fairy Doors

Do you know where the fairies live?

I bet there are fairies in your back yard.

They probably live in the most beautiful, most hidden, quietest spot in your yard.

Far from where you are playing mud kitchen and building forts.

If you picture your backyard right now in your imagination can you see where the fairies might live?

In my garden I like to leave doors for the fairies to invite them to come into my yard. I’ll also leave round rocks that are good for sitting on just outside the door so they will have somewhere to sit and watch me while I work.

Maybe you can turn this piece of cardboard into a special fairy door and put it somewhere in your yard?

You will need:

  • cardboard fairy door
  • felts
  • sharpie
  • things to decorate the door (sequins, felt, stickers, jewels)

To the grownups:

Leaned up against a tree a cardboard fairy door will last a surprisingly long time, so long as it isn’t being hit by a sprinkler.

It’s ok for a tired sad looking fairy door to mysteriously disappear. If your child asks you can simply reply, “Maybe it ran out of magic.” with a hint of excitement in your eyes.

They can always make another one. This is a simple playful way of using recycled cardboard and so easy to throw in a backpack and take with you. They could even be left around your neighbourhood if they are just cardboard.

Fairy Door

Would you like the fairies to be able to come visit your backyard?

They need a special magical door to get in.

You will need:

  • Cardboard door cut out
  • Felts
  • Paint (optional)
  • glitter (optional)

The more time to you take to make your fairy door the more likely it is the fairies will know it is special and made just for them. Where is a beautiful special place in your yard? That’s where the fairy door should go.

What can you create around the door to make sure the fairies know it is safe to come into your yard?

Be careful with your toys. Fairies are very curious and mischievous creatures.

You might find the fairies will collect toys you’ve left strewn about in the yard and take them home with them.

To the grown up

This is an invitation for your child to embrace the world of magic and wonder.

Along with the cardboard cut out set up lots of beautiful materials for your child to create their magical door.

Flat back jewels, small beads, glitter, flowers, small stones, clay. The sky is the limit.

In my craft kits there is a special glue that remains tacky as it is drying. Placing a little bit of this along the edges of your door would enable a child to string a row of pebbles or beads along.

You can cut a frame for the outside of the door and add dimension and depth.

Building fairy doors is a project that can be enjoyed and scaled up or down to meet the skill level of the whole family.