Why We Don’t Own a TV

My kids don’t watch television. Well perhaps they do at their grandparents houses or when they go to their dads but at our house we don’t have a TV. Quite frankly we don’t have time for one! We are so busy doing other things that even if we did have a TV I don’t think we’d watch it.

Top 3 Reasons Not to Have A TV

  1. Cable is expensive – you can use the money you would have spent on cable to treat the family to a night out.
  2. Quality Time with your Family – somewhere in the last century this came to mean everyone gathering around the TV set to watch a weekly program. That isn’t quality time folks. Engage yourself and your family members in conversation. Talk about your passions. Read to each other. Paint with each other. Practice a skill. There is so much to do in life why waste it in front of a screen?
  3. Setting an Example – you are your child’s first and most important teacher. They will mimic you in almost everything you do. Do you want them to copy you on a couch? Or engaging others and being comfortable outside the norm

Do you really need more than that?

Now we have a computer, obviously, and we do watch movies on it occasionally when we rent them from the video store. Friday night is movie and pizza night in our house where I make pizza and the kids get to pick from a pre-selected list of movies that are topical and current to issues that we have been dealing with in our family recently. Children are sponges. They soak up so much in their first few years and it is all retained somewhere in the recesses of their mind for later use. It may not seem like they are taking it in but I assure you later in life when you squeeze it all of what you put in will come out.

If your children are used to the fast pace of normal television you can bet that they aren’t likely to sit through a 90 minute documentary without a considerable amount of complaining. That’s ok. Play it anyway. Play a game while it is on in the background. Pick a topic that interests them.

We are fortunate here to have an excellent public library and the best small video store in any city I have every been in so our access to the resources we need is good. I read a lot of magazines, blogs and various home schooling articles that keep me abreast of the various documentaries and films out there and what sort of quality they might be. Talk to your librarian, talk to the owner of your independent movie rental store and talk with your friends. Find out what they are watching it just might be a hit in your family.

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