Sprouting Knoweldge Outdoor Adventures for Preschoolers

Krystal Jeffery

Lead Facilitator | Founder | Director | Dreamer

“I genuinely love children. It is my role as a teacher to ensure I am lovingly meeting them exactly where they are at. Whether I am watching or listening to their play or helping them put back on that mitten that is just a little bit too tricky it is my job to be their guidepost toward a strong a capable sense of self.”

Krystal Jeffrey Sprouting Knoweldge Outdoor Education

Krystal is an advocate for unsupervised freedom in play, we get there by supporting young children to engage in risky-play. She knows kids are capable and competent learners and values her role in supporting them in that place.
She loves sharing the little seeds of learning that happen in the moment. Rather than forcing a curriculum of set games and activities she prefers to keep a wheelhouse of ideas close at hand, ready to share when  the moment happens.

Passions: stewardship, seeds and child development

She is always reading books about how our bodies, brains and hearts are growing. She is constantly learning, growing her skills and reflecting so that her team can be the best parent and teachers they can be.

Ashley Eklund

Preschool Programming Facilitator

Ashley is an enthusiastic outdoor educator with a strong passion for youth and social change. Growing up at the very top of Barnhartvale, Ashley had the mountains as her backyard and all the freedom to roam a kid could imagine. From an early age on, hiking, camping, backpacking and all things natural have been an important source of energy, grounding, and growth for this nature lover and long-time social activist.

Now trained as an outdoor adventure guide, when not at outdoor preschool, Ashley is working in the adventure tourism industry with the ultimate goal of helping people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with nature and absorb all the many lessons it has to teach. A proud auntie of 5 and a natural caretaker with a subtle and strong leadership style, Ashley believes our shared future and wellness relies heavily on how we grow our youth. We know that we’ll feel better leaving this world to an army of connected, passionate, budding naturalists who know and understand the natural world around them.

Sprouting Knowledge is the perfect way to help your kids be part of a brighter and better future for us all!

Anna Kirkpatrick

Forest Kindergarten Facilitator

Anna is passionate about nature-based education. She is a BC certified teacher with many years of experience working in classrooms and community settings. As a newcomer to this ecosystem she is keen to learn more about the plants and animals that call this place home. Long distance running, camping, cycle touring and gardening are some of her favourite ways of connecting with nature.

Michael Jeffery

Spring Break 2017 Camp Facilitator

Michael firmly believes humans thrive most when we are in nature. A hiking and kayak guide, Michael is pursuing a degree in wilderness therapy while living off the grid in his yurt.

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It is the enthusiasm and leadership of our instructors that make our programs successful and have parents & children raving about us.

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What’s a Facilitator?

At Sprouting Knowledge we don’t see ourselves as instructors, leaders or teachers but rather facilitators of learning. We simply provide the container and context in which children are masters of their own learning. Why? Because we believe all human beings are capable and competent learners.