Teaching Toddlers

Here they come, the few years that will prove your ability to parent & care for children. Terrible twos or whatever you want to call them. Toddlers are definitely a test of patience. They are also the purest example of innocence that we will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

Your baby has discovered how to get your attention by vocalizing or signing her wishes. She has discovered various ways of getting from one place to another, how to pick up, drop, carry and throw various sizes and shapes of objects. She may already be walking around the house or soon will be and running is not far behind. All this movement is developing good thinking and communication skills. Her confidence is growing as she interacts with her world and her bond to you strengthens through her desire to connect with you and explore your world.

Just remember…..
Toddlers are filled with a sense of wonder, and it is your companionship that allows them to share it with you, they let you rediscover with them the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.

teaching toddlers through play



There are actually two stages of toddler hood & you can read about the differences & development that goes on during each stage in the links below.

Little toddlers 12-24 months

Big toddlers 24-36 months

This section of the website deals with different areas of toddler hood and each page contains information on both big & little toddlers. Toddlers are so much fun all troubles and tantrums aside. They are inquisitive, up for almost anything and they can actually play with you.