The Value of Art in School

I posted this in a Facebook group to inspire some conversation on the subject. The arts are being threatened with all sorts of cutbacks in my country for some strange reason people put little value on it. They forget that without artists their lives would be far duller. Art inspires, it entertains, it encourages and nourishes the very essence of what is human in us. We are unique because we can experience and appreciate art in all it’s forms.

Throughout ancient and to an extent modern history artists may have been forgotten but their work lives on. In some cases it is our best insight into the inner workings of that society. Periods and timelines are often distinguished by their art. Historically great works of art were reserved for the wealthy however even peasants frequently owned relics (often of a deity) that were crafted by an artisan.

In a time where art has taken on new and exciting forms, where more of society is privileged enough to have access to art the artist continues to be unrecognized in their significance. Does our education system contribute to this phenomenon? Does enough attention get placed on the arts and their value in the classroom? Are there arts that are more significant than others?

I personally feel that every child should take drama for at least the elementary years. A child who has the confidence to be silly, screw up, perform and recite in front of their peers has been given a great gift indeed. I take pride in showing my children all my sides, my humanity, in hopes that in times of struggle they will be able to reflect their own selves to their peers and elders.

Do we do enough in our public schools to show our children where idea and inspiration comes from? To show them what they can create or become should they apply themselves and come together? Is this what is lacking in our education system? And what does it replace? Anything? Teachers is there room in your plan for another subject? Or rather an expanded subject.

I was curious if it is just me.
Surprisingly no one cared. Few commented and those who did just simply agreed. There was no passion, no fire. It is one of the things that fries me about people in this country they rarely get inspired this town is slightly above average but stereo-typically speaking Canadians don’t get incensed about much.

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