Start Week Reminders

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful break. We sure are looking forward to seeing your child. Here are a few last minute reminders to ensure you have a successful first week back.


If you are going to be away or late please text 250-828-0211. This is Krystal’s personal cell phone number.
Any other inquiries or questions should be emailed.

Parking Lot Notice

To be courteous neighbours to our fellow park users, we ask that ALL parents and caregivers follow the following parking lot protocols.

We instruct children to “wait at the yellow gate” however they are excited to see you and do not always remember. Children running into the parking lot to meet their parents pose a significant safety hazard.

  1. Please come into the park and stand to the side of the trail (not on it).
  2. Please keep gates and entrances to the park clear so other park users may pass by.
  3. Please do not wait in the parking lot for your child.

Help us ensure ALL family members picking up your child are aware of this courtesy request.

Additionally: Please do not allow your child to climb the hill to the South of the parking lot before or after your session. The grasslands are very sensitive and we have seen some sagebrush death due to children climbing the steep sandy slope.

We work hard to minimize our impact on the plants and animals in the park you can do your part by teaching your child to stay off this ecologically sensitive slope.

Thank you for helping us maintain a positive relationship with other park users 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂
See you all next week.