Shows and Cartoons for Early Childhood

My favorite media and movies for preschool and kindergarten age children ages 3-6

#1 Little Bear (1995)

This is a little known book series illustrated by Maurice Sendak that was turned into a television series.
We own all of them on VHS because I love them so very much. So wholesome and good.

You can watch these on YouTube on the TreeHouse Chanel here

#2 Puffin Rock (2015)

This has the same sweetness and slowness of Little Bear with a bit more modern animation.

It’s on Netflix.

#3 Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn’t love Pooh Bear and all of his wisdom.

#4 Kipper

My son absolutely loved this show. Super simple animation with almost no background.

#5 Bluey

This is a new series my students and niece have introduced me to.
I had to put it on the list but honestly Little Bear is better.

For more lovely ideas try this list.

We’ve watched many of the shows on here over the years and they are excellent recommendations though not curated by age.

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