Shoots (Outdoor Kindergarten Program)

A program for kindergarten children aged 5 & 6

Friday Mornings – $85/month*
Peterson Creek Park – 8:45am-11:45am
* September 2017 through June 2018

Note: There are no classes on SD73 Professional Development Days
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Let a deep relationship with nature be the foundation of your child’s education.
Join us as we explore the many eco-systems and landscapes of Lower Peterson Creek Park. Your child will develop a deep relationship with their natural surroundings as the day moves from the chill of morning air into the warmth of afternoon sun. In the outdoors children are able to explore the edges of their physical ability and gain confidence in themselves and each other.

Friendships are stronger because they depend on each other,
their experiences are shared deeply within the soul.

A typical day in our nature kindergarten….

  • Drop-off/Pack Check – We meet in the parking lot where the group leader and the parents will go through a clothing checklist to ensure each child is properly prepared for the adventure ahead.
  • Hike – Our day begins with a small hike to one of four play sites. Each site takes us deeper into the park and we return to each place for only 3 weeks each season to ensure our environment has a chance to rest & recover.
  • Play – The bulk of our time is spent on play. Teachers are very hands off to allow children to learn, explore and play freely & deeply with each other. We are always nearby and attentive to lend a helping hand or suggestions of language as they learn to communicate with each other.
  • Snack – Snack brings the group back together where they are each given a warm cloth to wipe their hands, after a blessing song a snack is shared together.Children bring a litter-free snack to fuel their busy bodies
  • Circle/Story – To give everyone a rest after a busy morning of play we sit together for a story and songs
  • Explore/Wander/Hike – When everyone has had a drink of water or warm tea and a full belly backpacks go back on for a joyful hike back through the park to return to the parking lot for pick up. Everyone carries all their things in their pack, including the teacher!
  • Pick Up – We wait at the yellow gate!

Registration for September 2017 open soon….

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