School Readiness Self Help Skills

As our children get ready to make the transition into kindergarten many parents begin to ask themselves whether or not their child is ready for kindergarten.

One of the many things that changes from a preschool classroom into a kindergarten one is the ratio of adults to children.

In childcare the ratio is 1:8. That means for every 8 children there is 1 adult in the classroom.

In kindergarten that jumps to 1:20.

Which means there is not enough time in the day for the teacher to help every child with all of the things.

As loving parents we want to make our children’s lives easier and stress free.

We sometimes don’t realize the number of everyday things we help our children with.

Many of those things your child can do on their own with a little bit of encouragement and support.

This is what our job is in early childhood.

To coach and support children towards the independence they will need to be successful in school.

Here is my top 3 self help things you can work on your preschooler with to ensure they have a less stressful day at school:

  1. Backpacks:
    • Opening their backpack.
    • Taking things in and out of their backpack.
    • Closing their backpack.
  2. Lunches:
    • Opening their lunch box.
    • Opening containers and wrappers.
    • Taking care of their own garbage and mess after eating.
    • Closing their lunchbox.
  3. Dressing:
    • Putting on a coat.
    • Zipping up their coat.
    • Putting on their shoes.
    • Putting on socks.
    • Putting mittens on.
    • Taking mittens off.

We can take for granted the ease with which we do these things.

For a tiny human these can be insurmountable, daunting tasks that remind us of our helplessness.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the habits children carry forward in life, such as not zipping their coats or closing their backpacks are habits that formed out of survival in kindergarten.

They simply didn’t have enough practice with zipping up their coat and not zipping it up becomes a habit.

By taking the time to practice with your child you can be there to support them through their struggles. You can offer tips and guidance. You can encourage them through your knowing of their competence.

Your child will feel more self confident.

Your kindergarten teacher will thank you.

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