School Age Program

Let your child unwind from their week in a world of wonder…

Friday Morning 9-12pm

You will be giving your child one of the greatest gifts you can give. The gift of time; that unstructured, unhurried, lose-yourself-in-imagination kind of time. That wandering aimlessly down a dirt path, stopping to catch bugs, pick up rocks, carrying sticks kind of time.

Nestled deep in the forest where we find freedom and fantasy. Where the stories are full of magic and wonder, truth and tall-tales. Where children run, climb, slide, dig, stomp, jump, leap, roll, take risks, get dirty, get wet, solve problems, struggle and succeed. Fridays in the forest is truly one of the strongest compliments to a kindergarten year. If you are a teacher of a kindergarten class and have any inclination toward pushing the envelope of outdoor education please contact me I’d love to help and support you.

Imagine a world where all children grow up a deep understanding of the natural world around them. Where they learn to have reverence for the worlds unsolvable mysteries. For the delicate interconnections between life that sustains us.

Together this small group of children will learn about their own character, compassion, kindness, respect and responsibility through their experiences in several forest classrooms within Lower Peterson Creek Park. A place where we learn about ourselves, feel strengthened and increase our confidence.

This is the magic of Forest School.

Looking to add a little outdoors to your child’s education?

I’d love to help.

This program is specially designed for children making the transition into their school years.
As a small group of 6 we will collaborate and play together exploring farther into the park.

Friday Morning 9-12pm

Fall Session – Sept 17-Dec 10 – $400 – 13 classes
Winter Session – Jan 7 – Mar 18 – $350 – 11 classes
Spring Session – April 8 – Jun 24 – $350* – 12 classes

No classes on statutory holidays or during SD 73 Spring, Summer and Winter breaks.
*previously registered students only. New students $400.