Our Registration Process

We are honoured and delighted that you are interested in joining our community of forest adventurers.

Sprouting Knowledge programs operate on a seasonal basis and we do not manage waitlists. If you are interested in registering your child for one of our programs, please sign up for our mailing list to receive registration notifications.

I promise I don’t send out very many emails. You want to read them all, trust me.

I send out a 5 email nature connection series when you first sign up for our mailing list. Reading and responding to that series is the best way to make sure my emails don’t end up in your spam folder!

I love hearing from you.

As a back up for your busy life mark your calendar with the dates below so you don’t miss out!

Kind Regards,

Krystal Jeffery

Lead Adventurer at Sprouting Knowledge Outdoor Adventures

How to Register

To Register for one of our programs please visit the program page and click on the green ‘Register’ button.

If there is no button or it links to this page then registration for that program is full or closed.

For more details on our registration process and schedule see below.

Our programs tend to fill quickly.

Sign up for our mailing list for your best chance at getting a spot.

See the calendar below for registration intake dates.

Registration Links are released as follows:

Current Registered FamiliesApril 30Oct 30Jan 30March 30
Past FamiliesMay 10Nov 10Feb 10Apr 10
Subscribers on our Mailing ListMay 20Nov 20Feb 20April 20
Social Media & WebsiteJune 10Nov 30March 10April 30