Rain Gear

aka mud protection.

Here in semi-desert Kamloops we honestly don’t really need high quality rain gear. This is one area where you can get away with regular children’s brand rain pants and coats.

A leg with an elastic cuff on the ankle saves kids from wet feet and a lot of boot dumping. There are few things better in life than children freely enjoying their shoulder season days in a pair of bib rain pants, muck boots, a capilene top and a sun hat.

If you play in the PNW and are keen to own amazing rain gear read on….

The Best Rain Gear

Unfortunately rain gear is one area where brand names make a big difference. MEC, Patagonia, Columbia, Helly Hansen, outdoor gear brands are what you are looking for.

  1. Abeko – Tells Jesper
  2. MEC heritage rain pants
  3. Helly Hansen K Shelter 2
Dishonorable Mentions
  • Tuffo “muddy buddies” or “newt suits” for kids 3 and over. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE

They are hard for children to zip on their own and hard to toilet in. Also they make a camo version which is enormously unsafe and inappropriate for small children.

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