Forest School

A place where we learn to be ourselves.

A safe place to push our edges so we can grow & develop our character.

A place to laugh, to play, to rest, to share stories.

A place to connect to nature, to our hearts and to each other

Would you love for your child to experience the joy of freedom to explore and play in nature under the mindful gaze of a wise mentor?

At forest school we will explore trees, trails and tiny treasures.

We will learn about earths kingdoms of fungi, flora, fauna and the elements.

Together we will practice being kind and compassionate human beings who care for each other and the earth.

Program Details:

This program is 10 months long.
It runs from September-June

Wednesdays or Thursdays*
Lower Peterson Creek

Ages 5-7
Homeschoolers and holdbacks welcome.
Parents are welcome to join us or to drop-off.

*We need 6 participants to run the program