School Age Programs

Spring Break Camp


Day camp for children ages 5-9

Loosely structured, full of free play and lots of creative games, stories and songs.
There will be lots of encouragement for observation as well as identification of native plants & animals. Children will have the opportunity to learn skills such as knot tying, map reading (and making!) as well as shelter building.

All focused around a theme of stewardship for our nature park and our community!

Summer Camp


Day camps for children ages 5-9

Come explore the natural world with us!
We will play games, wander the hills, relax under the shade of trees and share stories.

Forest School for Public School

Invite me into your classroom to mentor you in a different pathway of teaching

One to one hands on experience working together and collaborating.

  • Minimum 6 sessions
  • Must occur on a consistent routine basis
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours
  • Within walking distance of your school
  • Designed for 20 students
  • Age & grade level matched
  • All materials provided