Life School Program

Imagine a school where your child learned skills and acquired knowledge that would truly serve them in life?
A school where when children graduate they have their First Aid, WHMIS, Serving it Right & FoodSafe and have completed their first tax return by hand.
A school that puts relationships first. Where people skills like conversations, conflict resolution, problem solving, advocacy, owning our mistakes, and increasing our emotional intelligence are the foundation of their education.
A school that is focused on children’s mental health and emotional well-being and whether or not they see themselves as competent, confident human beings instead of meaningless test scores or grades.

That is what we are working to create.

A school for the modern world.

We are partnering with some of the country’s leaders in hard-skill based children’s programs like Scouts Canada and 4-H to bring timeless tested mentorship lessons to our students. We actively engage our close-knit community and the community at large to seek out instructors and programming that can provide our students with the life-skills that are so often tacked onto children’s days as extra curricular activities so that your child gets more downtime to be their creative magical self at home.

Our goal is to provide homeschool registration and resources for families looking for alternatives to the traditional public school model while at the same time demonstrating to the Ministry of Education and school districts across BC that their model is not working. Funding for schools must be reallocated away from adults who rarely/never see students and back into classrooms.