Fire Making Workshop

There are few forces of nature that we humans have the capacity to wield for ourselves.

The power fire holds has shaped our lives; whether it be wildfires forcing us from our homes or the easements between our homes and businesses we have learned to both respect and fear fire.

Using fire to clear and maintain land is an ancient skill still practiced all over the world.

Staring or singing into a fire is something humans have done for generations.


Learn how you too can use this tool safely and with confidence.

Explore the element of fire while deepening
your connections to Self, Community and Nature.

Light a spark, change your life!

In this class participants will:

  • Receive expert instruction on all things fire related
  • Learn about making tinder, what plants and wood to use, technique, making a coal, how to blow it into flame, and important safety considerations.
  • Discuss the ethics of sourcing wood
  • Practice building fires using a variety of ignition sources and fuels

All materials will be provided.

You only need to bring yourself and some good sense.