Ponderosa Palace Play

This Thursday was a great chance to take advantage of the slightly cooler weather, to head up high and check out Ponderosa Palace; a beautiful place we only go to on extra special days! It was up to the kids today to find their way back to this place we haven’t been since there was snow on the ground, and SH-F led the way with the confidence of a true explorer. EF, CD and JH picked a different route approached the palace from above and tried to sneak up on the rest of the group. They were foiled by CS who used his owl eyes and deer ears to spot their movements from below.

Play at the palace is often full of sandy excavation under a young Ponderosa Pine tree, and lots of climbing on the steep ridges around. EF and NS made a discovered upon their arrival to the tree – a bright yellow water bottle that was lost months ago by NS in the snow! Peterson does have a habit of returning things to us…. EF, JH and CD went on a walk over to the ridge where they could get a good view of the city below. EF discovered he could completely disappear if he crouched in the green grass. Perhaps RH saw the same thing Ms.Krystal saw because a moment later she jumped into the tall grass and disappeared! She was quickly joined by JH-F and they became jumpy grasshoppers who could hide in the grass. The explorers returned and became praying mantises who were hunting the grasshoppers. Much jumping and crouching ensued! CS and PA showed their focused concentration by digging all day long, and NS was excited to tell us about his upcoming dinosaur trip. This gave us a good chance to play archeologist and dig for fossils in the sand. We can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back NS!

After a sunny snack time on the hill, we quickly made our way back down to the meadow for some open, free play in the shade before pick-up, and Miss Krystal got artsy making dandelion crowns. What a beautiful time of year Spring is at Sprouting Knowledge!

~ Miss Ashley

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