Outdoor Preschool Age Program

Ages 3 & 4


Let your child discover all that their amazing body can do! 

A preschool age child is at the perfect age to explore and deeply appreciate all that the outdoors has to offer. Whether they are discovering the properties of mud in an outdoor mud kitchen or creating games in a tree stump, getting dirty, climbing rocks, or finding their way safely and happily through the forest it is all part of an outdoor adventure experience. They discover exactly all of the wonderful things they are capable of as they explore, climb, run, jump and crawl through the forest.

The magic of forest school is the deep connection to place that your child will form during their time with us. Especially through multiple sessions. That attachment to place provides the solid foundation on which they grow wings of self confidence. No other program provides the opportunity to take the kind of supported risks that develops a child’s inner voice that says, “I can do this!”

At Sprouting Knowledge we know all children are capable and we pride ourselves at being highly attuned scaffolds for learning. When a challenge presents itself we are there with just the right amount of help to bridge the gap to ensure children feel the satisfaction of being successful.

After a day outdoors your child’s eyes will sparkle as they tell you about all of the things they did.

Nitty Gritty Details About Forest School Sessions

  • Programs run from 9am-12pm
  • Meet in Lower Peterson Creek at Glenfair entrance
  • Classes are made up of 12-16 participants and 2-3 facilitators. Ratio is 1:5 or 1:6
  • Fall Session is $360 for 12 weeks | Winter Session $300 for 10 weeks | Spring Session $420 for 14 weeks
    • $30/class
  • This is a recreational program NOT a licensed preschool program although Krystal is a certified ECE, Michelle is a certified Independent Schools Teacher and Claudia is an EA. Michelle and Krystal are both NCCP community coaches.
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What do we do all day?

If you’d like to get to know what we are all about come visit! We love having new friends come join us while we play. Contact krystal(at)sproutingknowledge(dot)com to schedule a visit.

  • Drop-off/Pack Check – We meet in the field where we begin our day with a mystery. Krystal will check in with parents and go through a clothing checklist to ensure each child is properly prepared for the adventure ahead.
  • Activation Game – We slip into our nature awareness by getting playful and practicing skills
  • Circle/Story – We begin our day together by settling in for a story and some songs
  • Snack – Before we head out we refuel. We wash our hands, sing a blessing and share food, stories and conversations. Children bring their own litter-free snack to fuel their busy bodies.
  • Wander – We then set out on a relaxed “hike” to one of our many play sites. Each site takes us a little further into the park and we return to each place for only 3 weeks each season to ensure our landscape has a chance to rest & recover.
  • Play – The heart of our program is child-led play. Facilitators often have activities or a tool to show/share with the children but children are free to come and go as they please. Facilitators encourage and support the children to learn, explore and play freely & deeply with each other. They are always nearby and attentive to lend a helping hand or suggestions as children learn to communicate with each other.
  • Wander – With full hearts and dirty hands our backpacks go back on for a joyful hike back through the park to return to the parking lot for pick up. Everyone carries all their things in their pack, including the facilitators!
  • Pick Up – We wait at the yellow gate for our grown-ups.

Read some stories of our day on our blog.

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