Outdoor Camp Routine Ideas



Group Games: Choose from a variety of classic games including Prisoner´s Base, Mission Impossible, Royal Roll and more.

Fire Building & Outdoor Cooking: Hands on learning will allow students to learn how to build a successful fire using products of nature. Students will try their hands at some simple over-the-fire cooking recipes including bannock while learning some basics about survival: what is edible and what to avoid.

Survival: From shelter building to basic survival skills students will learn some tips on how to survive in the wild.

Team Development Activities: Teams of students work together to accomplish goals and establish teamwork. Activities include the human knot, trust fall, etc.

Scavenger Hunt: Becoming more aware of the nature surrounding us, small groups of students race around to find a list of objects from nature.

Quinzee or Igloo Building (Winter only): Learn basic techniques and design of quinzee or igloo building. An opportunity to construct your own winter getaway!

Ropes Course: Put yourself to the challenge swinging over the creek on the Tarzan Rope and trying our low obstacle course including the Burma Bridge and the Three-Line Bridge.