Nature Names

You may have noticed your child brought home a tiny slip of paper with their Nature Name on it.

At the beginning of each session every child get’s a nature name from our very own Peter Rabbit.

Nature names help us become more aware of the flora and fauna that exist in our local eco system. It never fails that when I ask a child to name an animal they know of that lives here the vast majority cannot.

We teach about lions and tigers and bears but neglect to help our children understand world geography and local habitats. Likely this is because we ourselves aren’t aware. Which is why we are here to help!

Our nature names are a collection of birds, plants or animals that live in our local ecosystems.

Their nature name gives them the special powers of that bird, plant or animal should they choose to learn about them.

We sent your child home with a question.
What does your animal eat for breakfast?

We encourage children and their parents to learn about the animal together and come back and share what they’ve learned with us.

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