Nature Bingo

There are A LOT of nature Bingo cards on the internet. Like a lot.
But none of them are really very pretty, or seasonal or are things you can collect, which is pretty much the most fun part about scavenger hunts! So I had my lovely talented daughter make us a beautiful spring nature bingo scavenger hunt. You can follow her art account on Instagram here. She takes commissions and makes beautiful art.

You will need:

We are going to use our nature bingo items for two different activities.

Sort your items into two categories.

  1. Everything that will make colour when you smash it for Hapa Zome
    (leaves, cedar, flowers, pine needles, dandelion)
  2. Everything else – Sink or Float
    (rocks, trash, bark, sticks, feather – if leaves and flowers end up here it’s totally ok!)

If there is some crossover or misplacement no worries the process will soon show your little one they’ve categorized incorrectly.

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