Lullabies for Wee Ones

Lullabies & Forgotten Lyrics

Babies love music, but take into account their age and ability to appreciate it. Softer, soothing music and lullabies are more suitable for the newborn to three month old. Then you can start to add simple more plucky nursery rhymes and music such as Teensy-Weensy Spider, I’m a Little Teapot, Baa baa Black

Babies thrive on repetition so sing the same song over and over for a week or so, baby will delight as he learns what comes next. When they reach nine months add more songs to your old favorites keeping them upbeat for playtime and quiet and soothing for sleep and winding down. Start to incorporate gestures into your song playing and watch as he tries to follow along.

I have taken the time to collect some of my favorites. Each page will print out neatly onto one sheet of paper, there are three collections to be found.

Sing, laugh, play and enjoy!

For piles more rhymes and their origins

Speak the language of love –
your baby learns language from you.
The more you talk and sing to your baby the
easier it is for him to learn to speak.

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  1. Nick2050 said:

    Thanks for the links. I love singing lullabies to my kids, they enjoy that a lot and makes easy to me to send them to bed. Our favourite is mister moon

    March 28, 2012

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