Little Toddlers 12-24 Months

Teetering & Talking

A whole new world has opened up for your young toddler in the past few months. A little personality has emerged and grown from the tiny person you once held so gently in your arms. In the next year they will learn to communicate with you through gestures and words. They will discover how to walk, run, jump and climb (not necessarily in that order!)

Your child’s bond to you has formed over the past year and will continue to strengthen as he beings to understand his world and how things work. He will mimic you as he plays, sometimes taking the lead and sometimes needing a little bit of help. Little toddlers can’t really understand the concept of sharing quite yet although many parents will be quick to tell you of heartfelt moments of generosity that their children showed. They are repeating your actions and learning from you so keep up the good work.

Play time is Special time

  • Pushing, pulling, opening, turning, all of these things make excellent work for little hands. Toddlers love to discover toys like books, boxes, buckets and buttons make excellent playthings.
  • When you toddler is a bit older and not putting everything in their mouth, you can start doing crafts such as finger paint and play dough with them.
  • Anything that your toddler enjoys is sure to be done again, and AGAIN and AGAIN, but they are learning through all this repetition. They are also harboring the answers in their growing brains, self confidence grows as they begin to know what you know!
  • Talk to your toddler and continue that play by play of the world by naming objects, actions their colours and names.
  • Sing a song with your toddler and listen as they try to mimic the words and tune back to you. They are sure to have favorites and will quickly learn the words to them. Many toddlers love to dance along with their favorite music. So get up and dance!

There will be moments when you don’t quite know what to do with that little bundle of energy, but that is what this site is all about – here are plenty of ideas on playing with your toddler.

Toddlers 24-36 months