Hammocks, Knapweed, Ropes and Rainbows

This sunny and warm morning began with a quick visit from the city staff, to inform us of which noxious weeds to look out for on the trails (Knapweed and Dalmation Toadflax) , and how to properly pull and dispose of them. We then spent our journey to Cottonwood Forest searching for these two culprits, and noticing changes in other plants along the way. EF noticed some of the big yellow balsamroot flowers are starting to fade, while the dandelions seemed to have sprung from the ground overnight!  Miss Krystal found quite a bit of knapweed in the forest which Ms. Ashley helped her bag, and bouncing on the Cottonwood trees was a favourite first activity for the twins and IB.

Today’s play took many forms, including some awesome independent rope play by AL, SR, and MS. Their skill in manipulating the ropes has really progressed and MS spent a considerable amount of time building a very elaborate trap. By the time everyone had completed their trip lines and animal traps the forest started to look more like an adventure obstacle course! Miss Krystal brought out some pieces of fabric to make hammocks that would to challenge the kids’ listening skills (there is a correct way to get in a hammock and not fall out immediately!) balance, perseverance, fear, and strength, not to mention ability to take turns and support each other, as each child got to pick how many swings it would take to turn their cocoon into a beautiful purple (or blue, or black) butterfly!

EF worked hard on building his very own den this time around lifting and carrying branches that were much longer than he was, rallying some assistance from his friends. MD along with IB set to brightening up our old one with many shades of tree chalk. 

With sunny warm days like these, just a friendly reminder to keep our hats on and be sure to lather up with sunscreen every morning! Oh, and don’t forget to always check for ticks!

~ Miss Ashley


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