Ultimate Preschool Games Resource

Creative Movement Games

Bug Hunt

123 Where Are You? (1-3)

Animal Forms

Coyote Says

Spider web obstacle course
– yarn & bells

Scavenger Hunt

Nature Nastics

Frozen Fish
5…4…3…2…1…Frozen Fish  

Running Games

Run Rabbit

Tree Tag

Going on a Bear Hunt

Robbers Game

Sleeping Bunnies

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Cougar Stalks Deer

Stick Tracking

Deer Bound

Please Otter may we cross the river?

Rabbits to Deer

Squirrel Tails

Spider and Fly’s tag variation

Red Light Green Light

Birds Fly


Duck, Duck, Goose (bird, bird, worm, squirrel, squirrel, fox)

North, South, East or West


I Spy – Running variation    

Fine Motor Games for Warm Weather

//Simple Blanket Games

I spy

Yes Let’s

//Advanced Skills Games

Predator Prey

Fire in the Forest

Otter Steals Fish  

Finding Games

Feely Bag

Sorting Sticks

Wooly Worms & Hungry Birds

Shades of the woodland/Color match

Matchbox Hunt

Talbot’s Game

The great circle (mandala)

Tree Hunt – matching cards to trees

Non-Woodland Trail

Giant Birds Nest  

Listening Games

Drummer in the woods

Woodland Sounds

Noah’s Ark – animal cards/sounds partners

Mirror Walk   

Circle Games

  1. Sticky Elbows
  2. Counting Friends
  3. Apple World (Forest School Games)
  4. “Swap places if…”
  5. “Head honcho”
  6. “I found a pine cone on the ground and put it in my pocket, on the way to forest school I think I might’ve dropped it” (duck duck goose style game to tune of Yankee Doodle)
  7. Pass the smile/squeeze
  8. https://campsongs.wordpress.com/songs/actions-song-list

Waiting Games

  1. When in a waiting room with magazines, turn the magazine into a scavenger hunt.
    Instruct your child to find something purple, something that starts with C etc.
  2. Take out a penny and try to drop it so it lands on your shoe without falling off.
  3. Drop a small scrap of paper. Kids try to catch it with two fingers before it hits the ground.
  4. Choose 3 items from your purse and challenge kids to invent a story with them.
  5. Play ‘I spy’

6. Name a category and your child has 10 seconds to name as many things in that category as possible.

Source: http://www.whatwedoallday.com/2016/03/waiting-games-for-kids.html