Games to Play with Toddlers

Our generation is often referred to as the ‘TV generation’ and we are in danger of raising our kids to follow in our sedentary footsteps. Physical activity isn’t just good for you, it also makes kids tired and gives them an appetite (What parent doesn’t have troubles with meals and bedtime?). So there are lots of reasons to get out there and get active and here are some ideas to help you do it.

Little Toddlers

  • Obstacle course – see Filling the day
  • Blowing Bubbles for him to chase in the yard, park or playground
  • Playing Hide and Seek – little toddlers love this game even if they don’t hide.
  • Go Swimming – nothing tuckers you out like swimming

    (in the summer put a wading pool out back toss in some recycling ie. containers, and let them go nuts.)

  • Go for a leisurely walk – point out things that you see, let your toddler touch fences & trees.
  • Dance to the Music – burn off steam with some dancing to your favorite music

Older Toddlers

  • Games like Hokey-Pokey and Head & Shoulders are great now that the little guy can move without falling over
  • Tag with a friend outdoors
  • Simon Says & Follow the Leader – let your child be the boss
  • Add a new dimension to dancing by playing ‘Freeze’ or ‘Statue” every time the music stops you have to stop too.
  • Wrestling or Roughhousing does have it’s place in the fun pile. Try to get hats (or socks) off of each other without losing your own!

The most important part of playing with your toddler is that you both have fun. Playing games encourages independence and fosters self confidence in budding personalities. Have fun and let your child take the lead.

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