Business Coaching for Forest School Owners

Discover the freedom you feel when the back-end of your business is in order.

Hello you and welcome.

I am so very glad you are here.

You are a wonderful educator.
You’ve created nature programs families love to be a part of.
You know you’ve got a good thing going but wonder what to do next or where to focus your energy.
You’d love to take some things off your to do list if you felt you could afford it and that you’d get good return for your investment.

I could be the answer to your problems if:

  • You could use some support on the administration side of your business.
  • You love working in the field but struggle to create effective processes behind the scenes.
  • You’d like guidance to develop better systems for your Forest and Nature School programs.
  • You want to be able to talk with someone who gets your unique industry to help you create timelines and goals.
  • You’d love to finally get those newsletters you’ve dreamed of sending out into the world.
miss krystal

Who am I?

My name is Krystal Jeffery.
I’m the founder of Sprouting Knowledge and an administrative powerhouse.

I had careers in both in accounting and web development before I stepped into the world of childcare and forest schools in 2013.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old.

I understand the unique struggles small Forest School owners face because have encountered and managed many of the same ones. I love creating systems and workflows that make the administrative load lighter.

I believe that by creating a roadmap for that often neglected administrative side your nature school business can feel good, enrich your soul and support your family.

What I offer:

  • FREE 30 minute discovery call
  • Affordable Coaching & Consulting Packages
    • 5 sessions $500
    • 10 sessions $900
  • Hourly Administration Support $35/hr
    • website management
    • registration
    • Communications & Marketing
      • newsletters
      • social media
    • Financial Support (Bookkeeping, Payroll, Budgeting and Projections)
    • Policy writing
    • Training documents
    • Hiring Processes

My kind of people are:

  • Passionate about outdoor education
  • Forest and Nature School Owners
  • Home childcare operators who love the outdoors
  • Parents who want to host nature programs

Creating ease and confidence in the work of the caring professionals who offer children’s nature programs in a cost effective and efficient manner is my goal.

Talk to someone who just gets you.

Sign up for coaching sessions, book your discovery call or send me an email and tell me your biggest challenge.

I’d love to help.

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