This is really just a post to rave about the best boots I have ever found for your little kid hands down ever.

These are too warm to be worn during the summer months but are fabulous 9 months of the year. Absolutely warm enough for winter. Just leave room for a thick wool sock.

Seriously they should pay me I rave about these things so much but they really are amazing.

Muck Boots

The best winter boots for your little kid hands down ever.

Seriously go buy them right now >

We are on our 3rd pair of these. I own some for myself and I just cannot say enough good things about these amazing, trouble free boots.

I never worry about my kids feet being cold or wet and he is a rugged, muddy, wet, snow kicking kid!

They are available locally at The Horse Barn!

Runner up:

  1. The Northface Alpenglow

Dishonorable Mentions (we recommend you stay away from both of these boots)

  • BOGS generally have terrible grip on the bottoms and are not as warm as they say they are.
  • Sorel Commander is a terrible boot, don’t waste your money.

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