Experiential Lessons in Erosion and Boundaries

Now in the middle of May and halfway through our Spring preschool session, we start to venture a little further into the park. As we meandered our way South to Fir Forest, we quickly saw the effects of Spring at our feet. A section of Creekside, our usual trail, was entirely washed out! This years spring flooding caused a continuation of last years washout, eroding the bank and taking down a Cottonwood tree as well as the junipers that lined the trail. The children remembered the spot on the trail from last year and were excited to witness first hand the power of spring run off.

EF quickly helped us find another way and with a small detour to another trail we made our way back to the large open space of Fir Forest. As it was the first time a few of our new kids had been here and such a large space, we started with a group boundary setting activity to lay out our safe spaces and no go zones using our bright orange landscaping flags. Then the play could safely begin!

Today included lots of hard work climbing the big sandy hill, with a couple bumps and bruises along the way. A conversation about rocks tumbling onto our friends from above inspired group construction of a castle. There was much attention drawn to the large rocks EF, MD and JH could move all by themselves. Upon lifting a large rock EF exclaimed “Look! It’s a village under here!” which prompted everyone to pause for a moment to observe the activity of insect life going on under the rock. MS continued his rope exploration from previous weeks with the idea to move a very big rocks using rope wraps. Quickly several children were inspired to help MS drag his rock over to their sculpture. Meanwhile IB and AL got deep into their dramatic play story which involved “going to school” under the big Maple tree.  MD was helpful as ever, sharing spoons and pieces of the mud kitchen with all. At snack check-in there were thumbs up all around!

Our sunny journey back had us take the long way home by hiking up and over Bridge trail to check out the area of the park we’re now responsible for keeping clean. Thankfully all looked pretty good today. After a little rest before heading down the trails and over the musical bridge these adventurers went home for lunch bright eyed and slightly tuckered. 

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