Diaper Bag Basics

What you need to have in that diaper bag you are lugging around. This is training for your future years as the parent of your toddler right through to school age children!

Diapers – depending on how long you are out, the number you need will vary. But always bring one more than you think you will need for those inevitable emergencies

Change Pad – most diaper bags come with a portable change pad, if not you can pick one up at a second hand store or garage sale for pennies. make sure yours is water-proof

Wipes – buy a small travel case of wipes or put a small stack in a Ziploc. They are great for almost everything when you are on the go

Plastic Bag/Wet Bag – just in case you cannot find a garbage (or if you are using cloth) a plastic bag is a handy way to seal up your dirty diapers for disposal or cleaning later.

A Feeding – if you are breastfeeding, you won’t need to include a bottle of formula. But if you are formula feeding your baby, either bring a bottle you’ve prepared and keep it in an insulated pouch with an ice pack or bring on unopened bottle of ready-to-use formula

Burp Cloth or Receiving Blanket – throw this over your shoulder when you or anyone else carries the baby to save your clothes from spit-up stains.

Change of Clothes for Baby – always bring an extra set of clothes (or sleeper) in case of spit up or diaper leak.

Extra Blanket or Sweater – new babies are more susceptible to cold than adults, so its important to bring an extra layer

Toy or baby’s favorite play thing – make sure you have something to entertain baby to help pre-empt his cries of boredom. Lightweight play things that can hang from a car seat or stroller are good choices

Soother – if you little one takes one you will want to make sure you have one, clean in a Ziploc, just in case.

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