Cold Day Three

For a couple of our students this was their third day of preschool hovering around -10C and I am in awe of their maintained resilience and enthusiasm for the playful space we have created for them.

Not all of our students were as enthused about their big snowsuits and chilly faces and fingers.

The magic of this beautiful world we live in is that it is always offering us gifts.
This morning magic was falling from the sky; tiny perfect snowflakes dusted our coats and hats and I like to believe that witnessing the miracle of that little speck of water can brighten and delight our hearts.

The coziness of our snack-time in the tent where we share stories and cider seems to bring comfort and a bit of warmth to those who are having a hard time transitioning or are worried about the day.

I like to do this thing I learned from another teacher called “front-loading”. It is when we share what will happen next directly with a child. It serves different purposes for different people and can help children to feel more confident.

Today they were really looking forward to more sliding!

If your children were extra tired this week it is because they walked up a path and then up a hill many many times and then just when they were almost too pooped to slide anymore we took them on a mini hike to witness the many changing that are happening in the park.

Today we noticed ice forming over a pool in Springhill creek.

“I want to go and touch it. Can I go down there?”

“The snow stays on top of it.”

“Can we walk on it?”

“I bet my beaver can go on it.”

“Think we can break it?”

“Look a waterfall!”

“It’s so pretty.”

“I want to see my mama.”

Much of my desire to share these stories with you comes from the children’s desire to share their experience with their parents. Whether it is a difficult challenge they completed or something wonderous they observed they are always wanting to share stories and keep treasures to show their moms and dads. Our telling the story of our day is an effort that they bring home their successes and struggles to you so that you can share in their proud moments.

I am so proud of your children and I tell them they can be proud of themselves.

They are out there trying their best and doing hard things.

And that is a massive accomplishment.

No pictures today because I locked my phone and keys in my car. When Michelle and Claudia upload the handful they took I will add them here.

Have a great weekend.

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