Cold, colder, coldest

We made it through our first week of inclement weather! Here’s hoping it will be our last. The robins are beginning their return to Peterson Creek, so that’s a happy omen for us. This week we are so grateful for all of our families for working with us and being so understanding about all of … Read more

Snowy beginnings

Welcome and welcome back, Sprouting Knowledge Families! We hope that everyone’s holidays were filled with joy and laughter, play and relaxation. Our first days back have been a snowy delight. A bit of a challenge for some of our families to get to preschool, but a whole lot of fun while we’re here in the … Read more

Our Last Week

“Quick, Miss Matthia, we need the binoculars to see the birds better!” A hawk has just flown over the field and the children are straining to see more clearly where he has perched and where the other, smaller birds have gone. Our last week has come and gone and our fall session is done. There … Read more

Replacement Kit List

One good thing that has come of this unfortunate event is that I’ve been shown what a kind and supportive community of families surrounds Sprouting Knowledge. Thank you. Matthia and I are so very grateful. Many people have asked what was in our bags so they could see if they have things that would be … Read more

Cold, cold, cold

“Looks like a cold, cold winter,  plenty of ice and snow,  but we’ll keep the love light in our  Hearts aglow” As Bing Crosby said, it looked like a cold cold winter this week. With the temperatures plummeting, we were very pleased to see how well all of the children held up to the cold. … Read more

Where have all the birds gone?

This week was one for the birds, literally! This week marks the beginning of our last three weeks of play before we break for the holidays. And our final area of interest is birds. One of the first things we discovered this week, as the children came eagerly to the nature museum to discover binoculars … Read more


This week saw our first snowfall of the season! What an exciting morning to be at preschool. The field was covered in a soft blanket of snow that was almost completely undisturbed, when the children arrived. They ran across the bridge with obvious excitement. Backpacks were quickly discarded and the fun started. Snow days like … Read more


This week brought us a reprieve from last week’s rather bitter cold. There was even some sun! The children arrived to a surprise in the main field this week. There were five forest animals hidden in five different species of tree. What a challenge! The children had to use their owl eyes and their accumulated … Read more

Tree Climbing at North Bank

This October has been unseasonably cold, as this last week was eager to remind us. Children arrived with extra layers, warm mittens, and even snow pants by the end of the week. All those preparations kept play going all morning long. Which was lucky for the children, since they had a new site to discover! … Read more

Relaxing into Play

The weeks have been flying by at Sprouting Knowledge and just like that, it’s the last week at our second play site. There is a distinct and notable change in how the children play as we move through the weeks of the program. By this time, the children have found their footing at outdoor preschool. … Read more