Block Making Snow

Here we are in week 10 and some children are still struggling to transition into play. There are lots of reasons for this. Changes in the household come to mind; relatives visiting, a new baby or a sibling staying home from school are all things that can throw off the usual routine for your little … Read more

Dusty Snow

Today we had a small group of boys who were very excited to use our snow shovels to make a big pile of snow first thing this morning. I was impressed at how adept several of them were at using their shovel; they were an excellent demonstration of why children deserve child-size real tools. The … Read more

Cold Day Three

For a couple of our students this was their third day of preschool hovering around -10C and I am in awe of their maintained resilience and enthusiasm for the playful space we have created for them. Not all of our students were as enthused about their big snowsuits and chilly faces and fingers. The magic … Read more