Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

Check out these adorable little snowflakes from Go Science Kids

Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

You will need:

Your pipe cleaner snowflake
3 tbsp Borax
1 cup boiling water
A skewer or long stick

These adorable snowflakes were made by Go Science Kids

Please be aware that Borax is slightly caustic so be careful with the solution and don’t lick your fingers!

Watch how to make them with the video below.


  1. Boil the water and pour into a glass measuring cup or bowl. Stir in the borax until it’s dissolved.
    Make sure the glass container is deep and wide enough so the snowflakes won’t touch the bottom or each other.
  2. Tie a piece of string loosely to the end of one snowflake arm on each snowflake. Wrap the other ends of each string around the skewer, so the snowflake is hanging about 2 inches from the skewer.
  3. Set the skewer on top of your glass container and dangle the snowflake down into the borax water.
    Make sure your snowflake is fully submerged in the water and that it isn’t touching the sides of the container (a little bit is ok).
  4. Leave it in the borax solution overnight so the crystals will grow on the pipe cleaner.
  5. Remove your snowflake from the water when it is full of crystals. You can use this string to make a loop to tie it on your tree or twist an ornament hook around one arm of the snowflake.

To make additional snowflakes:

  1. Cut 3 pieces of pipe cleaner 3-inches long.
  2. Cut 6 pieces about 2-inches long.
  3. Twist the 3 longer pieces together at the center so you have 6 arms sticking out evenly spaced.
  4. Take one of the smaller pieces and twist it around the end of one of the arms, so each end sticks out.
  5. Repeat that using the other 5 pieces. It should look like a snowflake now.

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