Backyard Tea Party

Is there somewhere special in your yard where you can have a tea party?

Who might you want to come to your party?

Would you decorate?

Set a table? Put out a blanket?

Let’s make a very special place in your yard where you will host your party.

Can you gather some things?

  • picnic/outdoor blanket
  • metal bowls & spoons
  • dishes you can bring outdoors
  • a bucket
  • tree stumps and rounds – for tables and chairs
  • ribbons, strings or your garland decoration
  • clothes pegs

Bring all your things outside and begin to setup your very special place.

Now what are you going to serve at your party?

Maybe some spring tea, mud cakes or spring soup.

The recipe card for spring soup is in your kit or you can print it here.

I got some scissors and a watering can to help me make it.

When you are done making all the lovely things you will serve it’s time to invite some guests.
Maybe your brother or sister, maybe your grown ups, maybe some stuffed animals.

Make sure you set the table and serve all of your guests.

To the grown up:

I encourage you to choose a day this week when you will all eat a meal together in your backyard. When your child invites you out to their party bring along a little something extra….and maybe a wet cloth to wipe hands!

The activities each week are in preparation for a May Long Great Adventure Backyard Campout. I am going to invite your child to sleep outside in their backyard in a few weeks. I have a few extra tents if anyone would like one feel free to drop me a line.

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