Baby Massage Basics

I am sure by now that you have heard all the information about the wonderful effects of massage on your baby. Taking the time to massage your baby will give you a deep feeling of closeness and can become another way of soothing him when he is older. The power of touch has long been regarded as healing, powerful and is practiced all over the world.

Remember that you don’t have to massage him for him. It’s is ok if you do it for you too!


  • Oil
  •    – grape seed, calendula, sesame (something light and mild)

       – avoid nut based oils like peanut and almond.

  • Warm room
  • A cozy towel
  • A loving touch

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How-to Give an Infant Massage

The best time to massage is when is convenient for you. I find in the tub works best for me since I bathe with my babies and this was a fun way of getting in all those nooks and crannies.

It may seem odd but it is important that you look at your baby’s eyes while massaging him. It will help develop the bond and a sense of trust.

Pour a dime of oil onto your hands and rub them together over top of your baby as you look into his eyes. Depending on your baby you can lightly move your hands all over his body to start or, do broad circles over his chest. (remember not to massage a baby’s tummy until after he is 4 weeks old)

Use a gentle touch and lightly but firmly rub in small circles and long gentle strokes up and down her body and legs.

You can gently massage her face if she will let you. Don’t forget all the parts – forehead, sinus, temples, cheeks, chin, jaw, ears and neck.

Try to keep one hand on your baby at all times, stroke down with one hand and bring the other back to the top.

Mostly just enjoy yourself. Don’t fancy too much about technique or thoroughness. What is important is the loving touch you share with your baby.

The more you massage the more relaxed baby will be for the massage, hum, sing and talk with your baby as you massage. Relax together and stop if your baby wants to stop. Some children never really fancy it all that much, while others love it.

Here are some books that you might enjoy:

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