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Need to build a case for why outdoor play is important for children’s overall development?

There has been LOTS of research in this department by universities around the world.

Every year another bunch of Masters students base their research project or case study on out the benefits of outdoor play. If you have access to a university database you can probably find a pile of them.

I realize that many of these research papers are old. Hopefully this can serve as a message to your school administration to ‘get with the program’ and keep their teaching current.

Child & Nature Network

It is the mission of CNAC to provide educators with the research they need to advocate for outdoor play.

This is the US version of the same organization:

Canadian Publications

US Publications

UK Publications

I also publish posts specific to how outdoor play contributes to children’s social, emotional and physical growth in key development areas on my Instagram page.

If you are interested in more information for a research project or proposal please feel free to contact me.
I have a vast collection of reference material for you to peruse.

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