Adult Learning

Wise Owls

This program appeases our logical side. A 4 hour workshop covering two major areas of consideration when taking your class outside: risk assessment and site assessment.

Arguably the most important skill in outdoor education, we will discuss the various components of risk assessment and complete our own risk assessments. Together we will dig into the edges of your comfort zone and developing scenarios that will help you feel more confident as an educator

Additionally, we will break down the aspects that make a good outdoor classroom, how to assess our classroom for safety and how to analyze our impact to the environment over time.

Cunning Coyotes

This program appeases our creative side. Together we challenge ourselves to explain and define exploratory dynamic learning so we can free ourselves from the four walls of the classroom and bring it outside.

We will learn how to set up and debrief any game or an activity in ways that will naturally excite and engage your students and have them begging for more.

Coyote is the trickster, the sneaky teacher. This workshop is all about how you can harness your students natural passions to teach more effortlessly and have more fun. While providing you with strategies to document your journey along the way.

Workshop booking information:

  • Workshops are 3-4 hours
  • Available to book Fridays – Sept – June
  • Cost $300 and can be delivered to 2-20 team members
  • All materials are provided
  • Location can be at your school or in a nearby green space

Forest School Guests

We welcome adults to attend any of our programs as an elder.

Because we will be busy facilitating an active session with students we will have a limited ability to answer questions, chat about our pedagogy and shed light on all that is happening behind the scenes.

You however absolutely welcome to be a fly on the wall. We’d love for you to see what we do.

You can read more about attending as a guest here >

Forest School Sessions

One to one hands on experience working together and collaborating.
If you would like to learn along side me and invite me into your classroom I do offer Forest School Session Sets.

  • Minimum 6 sessions
  • Must occur on a consistent routine basis
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours
  • Within walking distance of your school
  • Designed for 20 students
  • To your grade level
  • All materials are provided
  • Cost for all 6 sessions is $1200
  • 50% discount for a successive class

Workshop Booking

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Workshops are delivered on Fridays. Forest School can be delivered any afternoons.