Elder Guests

We invite the elders of our community who would like to be a guest in our program to join us.
As an elder all we ask is that you join us as a witness and gift us with your presence.

Not all elders may be teachers or leaders. Some may be those who have sat on the sidelines as listeners, observerers, witnessed, participated and learned. Elders are those with long experience willing to share their experiences and stories or to bring their knowledge and learnings.

Who is an Elder?

We consider you an elder of our Sprouting Knowledge community if your children have their own children.
If you happen to have no children of your own but feel called to witness young children you are also considered an elder to us and we would love to welcome you as a guest.

All guests must register before attending and must provide a reference from someone connected to Sprouting Knowledge in some fashion. Perhaps you are a friend, family member, colleague or community member. Just tell us who you know so we can ensure Sprouting Knowledge remains a safe space for everyone.

Guest Sign Up

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You must be connected to someone who is connected to Sprouting Knowledge to be a guest in our program.