We love when adults come and help! It is such a special experience to share with your little one. I hope you all get the chance. Please do join us 🙂

This page is dedicated to helping you know what we need/expect of our volunteers to ensure that everyone who attends is able to stay safe and have fun.

  1. Volunteers are responsible for their own physical comfort and well-being. That means dressing appropriately to remain in the program for the full duration and bringing snacks and/or water as you prefer. We encourage you to read our clothing guidelines to help you decide what to wear.
  2. Our role as adults is to facilitate the children’s experience. That means we do not do things for them that they can do for themselves. That takes away from their experience and removes a learning opportunity. We act as a bridge or a scaffold to help them achieve their goals. This can look like:
    • offering a helping hand to cross a log or get up a big hill (but not two and not lifting or pulling or carrying)
    • pointing to where a child could put their feet when climbing (coaching)
    • telling a child the next step in a self care routine
    • holding something steady while they zip/screw/hammer etc.
  3. Frequent headcounts and being aware of all of the children present at any given time.
  4. Volunteers are not to help with toileting children who are not their own.
  5. Some of the safety rules that occur frequently are:
    • children must stay inside the cones/where they can see a teacher
    • we don’t pee where we play
    • sticks can be as long as you are tall
    • sticks hit sticks
    • we stay behind the hiking leaders
    • the leaders don’t run ahead
    • we NEVER EVER roll rocks down hills. EVER.
  6. ALL volunteers must complete a CRC at our local RCMP or share a recent Ministry of Justice clearance letter with us. A free CRC is easily obtained by taking your drivers license and this letter to your local detachment.
    Download RCMP request letter
  7. Current parents may attend as a volunteer up two times each session.