Where did this mud come from?

Today started out as an adventure right off the bat, as some kids had to detour to even make it to preschool on time. Thankfully though there’s no traffic in our forest, so once we had all of us we began our own forest adventure instead. The question at hand – could we make it to Curly Willow Bend today? Miss Ashley had noticed earlier in the week Peterson Creek was rushing right through our play place, leaving little to no room for us. BUT, seeing that the creek seemed a little bit lower today, we were hopeful we might stand a chance! As we wandered the winding trail, we noticed a little less water on the trail than last week and had no trouble getting through. Once we arrived we could see that our Curly Willow corner was much less underwater than before. I guess the creek really does change every day!

So, we took the long way around and climbed down in to observe the effects of the water on an old familiar place. The kids quickly found the two different paths where the water had left sand and mud behind. Soon they learned flipping over rocks uncovered families of worms we hadn’t seen before. The biggest debate was whether to pick them up and play with them, or leave the family safe and sound – with varying opinions amongst the group (RH’s excitement over the creepy crawlies was so boisterous and sweet!).

The mud today gave us more than enough to do and put our mud kitchen supplies to perfect use. SH cooked up all kinds of chocolate cupcakes, and PA was happy just digging away!

Time went by about as quickly as the rushing water next to us, and our journey home became a battle of whose voice was louder – teachers or the creek! A quick stop in the meadow for a blindfolded string line walk through the trees and bushes, before meeting parents at the end of a very exciting day.

~ Miss Ashley

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