Un-Natural Treasure Hunt

This weeks scavenger hunt is going to require a bit of pre-planning. Inside your kit is a card with a bag attached to it. Inside the bag are the objects printed on the card.

Your grown up is going to go hide the objects in the bag in your backyard for you to then go and find.

See if you can find them all.

Maybe you can hide them for your brother or sister to find. Make sure they are in plain sight!

After you finish your treasure hunt you can use them to add to your Found Objects Collage project.

To the Grown-up:

One of the best parenting tips I ever received was to start a random toys vase. You may have seen these on Pinterest, I’ve heard people turn them into lamps.

Anyway…the vase is just a glass jar, wine glass, vase, whatever doesn’t really matter so long as it’s clear and can collect the small random toys your child will inevitably bring home. It is really a genius tip for two reasons, a) it gives you somewhere to put all those random bits that will just drive you crazy because you don’t know what to do with them and b) now you have a collection of tiny toys that come in surprisingly handy.

Some of the things we’ve done with our random toy collection over the years:

  • created this scavenger hunt 😉
  • made a box of trades and trinkets for geocaching
  • used them as game pieces for board games
  • found perfect tiny props for school projects

It’s also fun to dump out and use to remember and tell the stories of where the toys came from. Below is a photo of the one that sits on my dresser.

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