You’re in.

Thank you and welcome.

It is my sincerest hope that I can share ideas with you that inspire you and your little one onto a wonderous journey full of play and exploration.

Remember YOU are the role model for your child.

Your values are their values. Your passions become their first passions as do your fears and discomforts.

If you want your child to develop a rich relationship with the natural world you’ll need to deepen yours too.

Here are 5 ways you can connect to nature in your neighbourhood.

  1. Hang a bird feeder near a window in your home.
    Wild Birds Unlimited is a local business that would love to help you get started on your bird watching journey.
  2. Watch the clouds.
    Taking a few moments out of your day to gaze at the sky can be deeply moving. Especially in Kamloops with our spectacular sunsets.
  3. Really get to know a plant in your yard.
    Pick a plant any plant and look at it more closely. What shape are it’s leaves? Does it have hairs on it’s stems? How many leaves grow off each stem? What shape is the stem? I’m contiually amazed by the surprises even plants I know well offer me when I observe them more closely.
  4. Close your eyes and smell.
    Stick your nose in something and breathe in its scent. What do you feel? Does it bring up any memories? Does it smell like a season or time of year?
  5. Make a Nature Table or Journal
    Find somewhere in your home to collect your child’s treasures and leave them on display. This place is sure to become an altar of memories, experiences and discoveries that you and your child will revisit for years to come.

That’s it!
Once again thank you so much for joining our community of nature lovers.

Together we will hand the care of our planet off to a generation of stewards.